Animal logo Designs with Geometric Shapes

May 09, 2017

Animal logo Designs with Geometric Shapes

Animal Logos

Having an eye catching, memorable Logo is very important for your business. You want to have a logo that stands out for customers and is recognizable. Your logo is the first clue that customers see that it tells about your businesses brand and culture. It can stay with them so you want it to give the right story. Animal Logos that are skillfully designed can grasp the attention of future customers. Animal logos have a way of staying with people and can be quite beautiful to look at. Utilizing Geometric Shapes in an animal logo can add a strong and bold design element to your logo design. Different shapes communicate different messages to customers. Each shape has its own effect on the mind, so understanding that effect is important when designing a logo with geometric shapes. Using the right shapes can give a logo balance in its design and tell a story. 

In this post I will share some animal logos and how they are designed utilizing geometric shapes. In addition, I will discuss how different animals can send a message to customers about your company. There are many amazing and beautiful animal logos that have been created that can give you inspiration for the creation of your own logo. 

Flamingo Logo Design

The first example I would like to share is a logo design by Tom Anders of a flamingo. Notice how he designs it with the circles first and then draws in the details. You can see how the Geometric shapes create the animal logo. Then eventually it takes shape to become a beautiful flamingo. This first logo utilizes circles to create the logo. In this example we see a Flamingo which symbolizes beauty and balance along with grace. The color pink shares the meaning of femininity.


Circles are known to represent unity and linking people. This is a good thing to keep in mind when thinking about what logo to choose for your business. The shape in combination with the animal sends a message.

Geomertic Shape logos

This second example of a dog logo for creative dog shows how the designer used triangles to create the logo. The use of the various colors adds to the look of the logo and highlights the triangles within the logo. This logo is beautiful and catches your eye right away. It is easily recognizable and will certainly stay with customers after seeing it.

Using Triangles in a logo helps represent action, energy and power. Triangles can suggest conflict or a steady strength. The point of the triangle makes you think of an arrow and suggests progression. This is especially true when it is pointing to the right or upward. The use of a dog in the symbol can symbolize friendship, loyalty and prosperity. The symbolism of using a dog in your logo can enhance the meaning of your businesses logo.

Animal logos are another possible path that you can take for your businesses logo. Talk to your logo designer about what you are looking for and what you want your logo to say about your business. 

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