Most Recognizable Superhero Logos

May 05, 2017

When villains are up to their wicked ways, it is time for superheroes to pull on the spandex and pick up the sword of justice. It’s hero time!

But just how recognizable are the superheroes? Strip them out of their costumes and line them side by side and would you really be able to tell Superman apart from Batman? After all, one perfectly chiseled chin looks much the same as the next. It’s the costumes – and the logos on those costumes – which make these superheroes so recognizable. Here are some of the very best superhero logos from some of the most famous comic book heroes.

1. Batman Logo

Although there have been fifteen different versions of the Batman logo in the comics and twelve on the big screen, if you asked most people to draw the Batman logo from memory then odds are that it’s the image above which they’d replicate. This version was first used in 1966 and it’s not hard to see why it became such an iconic image. The black bat really stands out well against the yellow background.

2. Superman 3D Logo

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? If you’re thinking “No, it’s an S” then you’re wrong! In both the comics and on the big screen, Superman clarified that it isn’t actually an S but the heraldic symbol for the house El. It’s quite the coincidence that the symbol for El looks like an S! Maybe there was no such thing as the letter “E” on Krypton…

3. Captain America logo

Ah, Cap. With his red white and blue star shield, he’s as American as baseball and gun crime. As a defender of the American way, what better place to put his logo than on his shield?

4. The Flash 3D Logo

What better symbol could there be for the fastest comic book hero than a lightning bolt? Although, I tend to think of it as a “streak” of lightning rather than a “flash”. Perhaps he should be “The Streaker” instead. Lightning bolts are a common theme for superhero logos. They’ve also been used by Captain Marvel, Ms Marvel and Flash Gordon.

5. Wonder Woman Logo

This stylish, bright yellow letter logo could only possibly represent one person: Geoff! Or maybe it’s Wonder Woman…

6. The Punisher

If Superman’s symbol means “hope” and Batman’s means “justice” then this symbol simply means “You’re dead”…at least, if you’re a criminal it does. What better symbol could there be for such a brutal, unforgiving hero than a skull?

7. Spider-Man

Eight legs, red background, yep, it’s Spider-Man all right!

8. Comedian

The Comedian’s blood spattered logo is one of the most recognizable and iconic images from the Watchmen. Just who does watch the Watchmen?

9. Fantastic Four 3D Logo

Although each member of the Fantastic Four wear the 4 logo, I think Invisible woman wears it best. Phwoar!

10. Green Lantern

There have been hundreds of Green Lanterns in the comic books but only one instantly recognizable lantern logo.

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