Pixellogo.com and Logodive.com Merge

January 27, 2017

Pixellogo.com and Logodive.com Merge


We are happy announce Pixellogo and Logodive website merge. Here are all the details you need to know to understand what changed.  No need to worry about your past orders, we still have your past orders and you will have access in the future.


Old Pixellogo Account Holder Important Information

Your old accounts passwords from Pixellogo were not imported to the new site, To login and download your past orders, please login to legacy.pixellogo.com. For new purchases, you might need to create a new account. The good news is, everything is much easier on the new site, you can login with your Facebook with one click, or purchase without creating an account. You can also purchase with one click Paypal checkout. Its a snap!


Logodive Account holders Important Information

If you had an account with logodive, nothing has changed for you, your account still exists on the new Pixellogo site, your login works just as before.



- One click Paypal Checkout, no need to create an account.

- Login with Facebook or Google+ instantly, no need to fill any info.

- Instant Order download (except orders with customization).

- Faster and smoother shopping experience.

- Get social and get 10% discount on any purchase anytime.

- We are now Mobile friendly.

- New products and services

- Live Chat

- New Free stuff


We Apologize for the inconvenience 














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