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FontXS Free Fonts: Art Nouveau style

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Art Nouveauis an artistic movement that was most prominent in the late 19th century and early 1900's that also included other disciplines like architecture and philosophy but is more recognized by its influence in the decorative arts. This style is particularly known because of its intricate ornaments and curvy shapes that would later on set the foundations for modern art. Its most...

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FontXS Free Fonts: Greek Style

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Today's featured free fonts -via FontXS- come in the style of ancient Greece. This fonts are perfect for illustration work and design work inspired by Classical antiquity. Enjoy!



Pirho Herakles

Stein Antik

Gelio Pasteli

Hellas Dust

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FontXS Free Fonts: Romanic style

Free Fonts

This selection of free fonts -courtesy of FontXS- comes in the variety of Romanicstyle. It was the Romans who first created a "standarised" font, the Trajan- which is until today the most classic style of typefaces. It's the matrix of all serif fonts and these following typefaces play with the idea of ancient scriptures with a classic look, from the more distressed kind to modern...

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FontXS Featured Fonts: Brush tip Style

Free Fonts

Today's featured free fonts from FontXS are a varied collection of brush tip inspired typefaces. The different strokes of these fonts create very distinct script characters for each and one of them, varying from romantic style to a distressed bold look.

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FontXS Free Fonts: Distressed style

Free Fonts

Today's fonts from FontXS are perfect for your distressed style designs. This punk looking typefaces will add some tension to your typographic work, adding something different that combined with the right textures can look all kinds of awesome. Enjoy!

Smash Punkers

60 Sekuntia

Something Dangerous


Trash Toys

Aristotle Punk

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