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FontXS Free Fonts: Round Type

Free Fonts

Today's featured free fonts (courtesy of FontXS) are sans serif, modern round types. In the style of classics like Century Gothic, these fonts have a minimalistic geometrical look to them that vary from bold-stroked to thin and with interesting typographic design. Remember that you can find more free fonts in this style at FontXS. Enjoy!






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FontXS Free Fonts: Russian inspired style

Free Fonts Freebies

Today's FontXS free fonts  are in Russian inspired style. These particular fonts take elements of the cyrillic alphabet translated into the latin characters for a Russian look. The typefaces are perfect for any vintage propaganda inspired posters and the variety in this collection varies from bold stroked characters to others with more complex figures. You can find more fonts in the...

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FontXS Free Fonts: Gothic Style

Free Fonts

Today's free featured fonts (courtesy of FontXS) are a perfect resource for your darker designs. The gothic style that was so characteristic of the early printing times and germanic calligraphy is still as valid for contemporary work. This gothic style fonts vary from traditional to modern and squared-angle ones. Take a pick and make the most of them! And remember that you can...

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FontXS Free Fonts: LCD Style

Free Fonts

This week's free fonts, courtesy of FontXS, come in a variety of LCD styles. They refer to the screen display style, coming from old 8bits to modern sans serif fonts such as Sansation. This selection of fonts are perfect to put something different to your designs, either those arcade looking letters or a quirky looking font like Metrolox. Enjoy!


Venetia Monitor 



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FontXS Free Fonts: Futuristic Square type

Free Fonts

Today's free fonts, courtesy of FontXS, are perfect for design projects that need a distinct typeface to stand out. They're all geometric types with hard edges and square angles, perfect for futuristic style work. The different fonts vary from light weight to bold and all of them have that strong look to them. You can find more free fonts in this style here. Enjoy!



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