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5 Free Open Source Software Substitutes to Photoshop

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Photoshop is an awesome tool that has revolutionized both the photography and design industries. Photoshop has made much of what was extremely complicated and time-consuming, quick, easy and simply executable with the touch of a button. Photoshop has simple-handedly transformed photo editing, photo retouching and the entire graphic design field. But what if you can’t afford to pay the...

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FontXS Free Fonts: X-mas Special Edition

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Today's free fonts edition -courtesy of FontXS- come right on time for all your holiday's projects. This selection of special Christmas fonts come in different styles, from classical inspired typefaces to novelty fonts, ornamental characters and even Christmas lights! Check out FontXS's catalog for more options in this category, they'll come in real handy for the upcoming...

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FontXS Free Fonts: Greek Style

Free Fonts Freebies

Today's featured free fonts -via FontXS- come in the style of ancient Greece. This fonts are perfect for illustration work and design work inspired by Classical antiquity. Enjoy!



Pirho Herakles

Stein Antik

Gelio Pasteli

Hellas Dust

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Cool Findings: Eurocup Themed Wallpapers


In the midst of the Eurocup fever here are these beautiful wallpapers for your iPhone. Courtesy of Tom Pitts,these very neat flag-inspired wallpapers can share your support for your rooting country- although by this point some of these countries are out of the competition! Still, these are still pretty sweet illustrations that don't require another excuse. In any case, there's a lot of...

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FontXS Free Fonts: Russian inspired style

Free Fonts Freebies

Today's FontXS free fonts  are in Russian inspired style. These particular fonts take elements of the cyrillic alphabet translated into the latin characters for a Russian look. The typefaces are perfect for any vintage propaganda inspired posters and the variety in this collection varies from bold stroked characters to others with more complex figures. You can find more fonts in the...

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