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A 3D Logo Collection that will blow your mind

3D Type logos Logo & Brand review Logo Templates

Are you looking to modernize your company’s logo? Do you need a logo that is unique, eye-catching and stunning? A 3d logofor your company might be exactly what you need. 3D logos have become very trendy in the past few years and they are a great way to capture your client’s attention. It really is no surprise that 3d logos are so popular now seeing as they...

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20 Creative Animal Logos

Logo & Brand review

Animals are a very common theme in logo design. Many companies around the world use animals in their logos because animal logos are catchy, cool and memorable. Animal logos are especially great because they catch the eye of your clients while they also instantly give your company a distinct personality and character.

When you are deciding on an animal...

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5 Different logo styles & logo design tips

Logo & Brand review

Choosing a logo can be very tricky. It is no easy task as your logo is going to be the symbol that represents you, your company and your vision. A logo is also the symbol that your customers will come to know, respect and trust.

Here are 5 simple logo tipsthat will help to make your new or even your current logo that much better. These are simple logo styles and effects that...

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iPhone App Review: Uber - A new taxi service for the future

Gadgets Logo & Brand review

Have you heard of the Uber app yet? Perhaps, I am the last person on the planet to know about it, but the Uber app is unbelievable and it is slowly taking over the world, city by city.

The Uber app is a brilliant new taxi service that connects you with a driver “at the tap of a button”. It is slowly transforming global transportation and it has been quickly expanding into cities all over...

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Maria Salinas corporate identity solution

Design & Style Fashion logo templates Interior design Logo & Brand review

Here is a truly wonderfully design corporate identity, expressing luxury with minimal design, it proves again, more is not always more. It looks timeless and refined. The gold is not the reason it looks luxurious, it much more than that, the shaped that are used are as basic as they come, the type comes with only its minimum line requirements, but the final...

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