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Don't do it yourself logo design

3d logo logo design

In the era of youtube video instructions of "you can do it yourself," this article is about some things you refrain from doing yourself. No, it's not so hard to change the U shaped pipe under the sink in your bathroom. You can save a bit of money doing it yourself or changing small parts or oil in your car, but creating a logo design yourself is never the solution unless ofcourse you are a graphic designer and you have some idea on how to do it.

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5 Best 3D Logo Design For Inspiration.

  Whether you are a designer working on client projects or a small business owner who’s keen to take control of your company’s visual identity and logo design, various professional companies can help you find logo templates to stimulate your creativity. It is pivotal to embrace up-to-the-minute and user-friendly designs to come up with a logo that communicates what your organization stands for and sets it different from the competition. Before deciding about the logo, it is important to keep in mind all the elements you’ll need to incorporate into your new logo, including the brand identity. If your mood...

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Making of the Main Street Mint 3D Logo Project

A client contacted us to create a 3d version of the Main Street logo. The logo was provided as a vector file seen below. Even though this freshly designed logo was a new design, the challenge was to create a 3d version that looks dated and historic looking. Usually this is not what our clients approach us to create. We normally get asked to make the shiniest, 

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Top 5 Logo Design Tips for Architecture Company or Studio

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For architecture companies, the logo is not merely a way of setting an identity mark. A logo is believed to be a visual representation of your Architecture Company or studio. In fact, it is more than that and expresses the quality of your services in an effective manner. This is the reason why you should have a blast of inspiration and great ideas while designing a logo for the Architecture Company. Before you choose any logo to push your passion to enhance creativity, you must need to know the tips that can help you design a killer logo for your...

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Famous 3D logo designs

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Having a well-designed and personalized logo for your brand is certainly important. In fact, keeping up with the latest trends is indeed mandatory to create a convincing first impression on your clients. With the changing nature of digital marketing and branding, 3D logos are quite popular and trendy these days. Since the logo adds value to a company and displays the vision of your enterprise, you must choose a logo that goes perfectly with your company’s belief. It is no denying that having a logo designed personalized according to your business demand is certainly the best way to put the...

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