6 Fabulous Free Fonts for your Collection

November 12, 2010

Today is another Friday font giveaway.... yeah! Below are some of the latest new fantastic free fonts that I have found on the web. Click on the images to download the fonts that you like. If you use one of these fabulous fonts in one of your designs, include a link to your work in the comment section below so that some of our other readers can have a look at the fonts in action. Enjoy!

Sketchetik Light

Sketchetik is a hand-drawn font designed by Ossi Gustafsson that can be used on web pages, T-shirts and other printed materials. Sketchetik comes in 4 different styles (light, regular, bold and black). You can download the light version here for free by simply clicking on any one of the images below. If you would like to purchase either the regular, bold or black versions, click here.

Sketchetik Light 1

Sketchetik Light 2

Sketchetik Light 3

Sketchetik Light 4


This is a great free font created by Spanish designer, Wete. It is the perfect font if you are looking for something that will help you spice up your brochure designs.

deibi free font download 1

deibi free font download 2

deibi free font download 3

deibi free font download 4

deibi free font download 5

deibi free font download 6

deibi free font download 7

Roke 1984

This is another free font created by Wete. Roke 1984 is a typeface based on geometric forms and mathematical symbols. The artwork was done in collaboration with Pau Molas.

Roke 1984 free font download 1

Roke 1984 free font download 2

Roke 1984 free font download 3

Roke 1984 free font download 4

Roke 1984 free font download 5

Zap - Regular & Bold

Zap font is a outstanding sans serif font that was created by Bulgaria designer, Maria Simova, and is published by Fontfabric. Zag is a great typeface for all types of projects including web design, print design and T-shirt design. The Regular and Bold versions of this font are available for free simply by clicking on any of the images below. If you would like to purchase an of the other weights for this font, click here.

Zag free font download 1

Zag free font download 2

Zag free font download 3

Zag free font download 4

Oh! Mai Mai!

I love this font that combines experimental type with character design. It was created by Jorge Artola and included in the download are some wonderful wallpaper designs. This is definitely one free font download that you don't want to miss.

Oh! Mai Mai! free font download 1

Oh! Mai Mai! free font download 2

Oh! Mai Mai! free font download 3

Oh! Mai Mai! free font download 4

Oh! Mai Mai! free font download 5

Oh! Mai Mai! free font download 6

Hattori Hanzo

Are you looking for a great text font? Hattori Hanzo is an excellent typeface for short text and even headlines. It was created by Roman Shamin of Moscow, Russia.

Hattori Hanzo free font download 1

Hattori Hanzo free font download 2

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