FedEx Logo design and its hidden message

July 06, 2010

FedEx Logo design and its hidden message

A company’s logo design is a visual representation of their company and it is the image that their customers associate with their business over time. A company’s logo design represents their personality, mission and worth. A company’s logo design is printed on all of a company’s promotional materials including their business cards, stationery, staff uniforms and even their company vehicles and as such, the logo design that a company chooses plays a vital role in representing and advertising for a company.

One of my favourite logo designs of all time is the FedEx logo design. This logo design is one of the most widespread and recognizable logo designs used in the world today. Designed by Lindon Leader in 1994, this logo design has won over 40 awards worldwide. The FedEx logo has been ranked by Rolling Stone Magazine as one of the 8 best logos of the past thirty-five year. Personally, I could not agree more. I think that the FedEx logo design is a brilliant demonstration of how something so simple can speak volumes about a company.

Here is the FedEx logo. What do you see?

Fedex logo hidden arrow

At first glance, the FedEx logo appears to be just a plain and simple abbreviation of the company’s entire name ‘Federal Express’. Look closer. Do you see anything else? Look at the ‘E’ and the ‘X’. Can you see a right-pointing arrow that is created by the negative space between the letters? If you didn’t see it right away, don’t worry. Most people don’t see the hidden message in the FedEx logo design until someone points it out to them. Now that you have seen it, I promise you that you won’t be able to help noticing it every time you see the FedEx logo design from now on. This intelligent incorporation of an arrow into the FedEx logo design is absolutely amazing. Subliminally, the FedEx company is able to convey to its customers that it is a speedy, reliable and forward thinking company.


In an interview with, the FedEx logo designer, Lindon Leader, was asked “Why make the arrow so subtle?” He responded, “the power of the hidden arrow is simply that it is a hidden bonus. It is a positive-reverse optical kind of thing: either you see it or you don’t. Importantly, not getting the punch line by not seeing the arrow, does not reduce the impact of the logo’s essential communication…. On the other hand, if you do see the arrow, or someone points it out to you, you won’t forget it.” I think this is just the perfect response. On its own, the logo is simple, attractive, recognizable and scalable to any size. It is a great logo design and that is even before you take into account the existence of its hidden message. Add in this hidden element and you are left with a spectacular example of clever design!

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