Get inspired with this amazing collection of typography poster designs

October 19, 2010

There are truly some amazing poster designs out there where print designers cleverly use type to convey their message. Typography, when used creatively in print design, can strongly influence the reader and leave them with a lasting impression of your work. Today, I want to share some incredible typography-based poster designs with you in hopes that they inspire you to create something beautiful.

Am I Collective

Am I Collective, based out of Cape Town, South Africa, has created some really amazing type designs for print. Below are two of Am I Collective projects that I absolutely love. The first one was created for Jupiter Drawing Room and ABSA, one of the leading banks in South Africa.

Am I Collective ABSA print design 1

Am I Collective ABSA print design 2

Am I Collective ABSA print design 3

THis second project by Am I Collective was commissioned by DRAFT FCB, USA and it was for a dockers USA campaign aimed at promoting their line of cargo pants.

Dockers USA print design by Am I Collective 1

Dockers USA print design by Am I Collective 2

Dockers USA print design by Am I Collective 3

Karolina Babiliute

Karolina Babiliute is a designer from Kaunas, Lithuania that created this stunning handmade, knitted typography poster.

Karolina Babiliute typography poster design

Misspent: The Poster

This is a fantastic typography poster created by Ervin Esen. It was screen printed on 270 gsm Colorplan Ebony with 3 spot inks.

Misspent typography poster 1

Misspent typography poster 2

Misspent typography poster 3

Misspent typography poster 4


Karl Kwasny created these three marvelous typographic posters for a club night in Melbourne, Australia called Hangtime.

Hangtime typographic poster design by Karl Kwasny 1

Hangtime typographic poster design by Karl Kwasny 2

Hangtime typographic poster design by Karl Kwasny 3

Throw The Bomb

This is a typographic poster exhibited at the DROP EXHIBIT in Arsenic Theater in Lausanne, Switzerland. It was created by Victor Ortiz.

Throw The Bomb typography poster design

Moshik Hebrew Typeface

This is a Hebrew Typeface Poster designed by Moshik Nadav of Jerusalem, Israel. I love just how simple and elegant this poster design is.

Moshik Hebrew Typography Poster Design

Absent Bitmap Typeface Poster

This poster was created by Liza Dixon of Palm Beach, Florida.

"Absent (bitmap typeface name) was based off of Courier, but took an unexpected turn when the counters of each letter were dropped (this is how the typeface gets its name). The poster re-emphasizes this concept as the features of the man’s face are also absent."

Absent Bitmap Typeface Poster design


Here are some incredible typographic poster designs created by Silo.

Silo typography poster design 3

Silo typography poster design

Silo typography poster design 4

Tom Davie

Three great typography posters created by Cincinnati, Ohio designer Tom Davie.

Tom Davie typography poster design 1

Tom Davie typography poster design 2

Tom Davie typography poster design 3

Changing Lines

Pedro Pereira is an art director and graphic designer from Lisbon who is the founder of Changing Lines. He is a skilled designer that often uses type to bring his designs to life.

Changing Lines 1

Changing Lines 2

Changing Lines 3

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