Graphic design news: DC Comics changes its iconic logo

February 07, 2012

A couple weeks ago, DC comics launched their new brand identity with an updated version of their iconic logo. With the first peek at the new logo (the monochromatic version) the overall opinion of the public wasn't nice at all, saying it looks amateurish, falls short to the brand's legacy, etc. But with the official release of the new version of their logo, the reviews became a bit more positive.

The logo is now constructed by the overlapping D and C letters, making the D fold out like a sticker and revealing the back letter. Many of the critics said it's a basic resource, the gradients don't work with the character of the brand and so on. But the official release revealed their true intentions, and I have to admit, I'm all for this change. The updated version of the logo has different variations of it to be used to showcase the different stories, and in their press release they stated the following:

The design of the new DC Entertainment identity uses a “peel” effect – the D is strategically placed over the C with the upper right-hand portion of the D peeling back to unveil the hidden C – symbolizing the duality of the iconic characters that are present within DC Entertainment’s portfolio.

Their decision to change the color of the logo related to each character is pretty clever, it keeps consistency within the whole DC Comics universe but at the same time gives each character's story line their particular variation. So what do you think the DC fans will think about this little nip-tuck?

All image credit DC Comics

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