Photoshop Touch for iPad and Android

March 07, 2012

Apparently Adobe didn't want to be left behind in the ever growing photo editing app world and therefore released the Photoshop Touch app for iPad2 (though there's also an Android version available as well). This is not an extensive version of the desktop Photoshop but it has a lot of the features adapted for the touch screen and easy to use for both professionals and amateur photo enthusiasts. Photoshop Touch's highlights are layers, a scribble selection tool that lets you select objects by just scribbling over them, filter brushes with which you can paint filter effects, edge-aware painting and a refine edge tool that, says Adobe, makes it easy to cut out objects with tricky edges, such as hair. You also get text tools, plus tone and colour adjustment features, and you can print your work using AirPrint.

One of the things that avid photoshop users may dislike is its restricted maximum format (1600 x 1600 pixels) but other than that it's a great tool for photo editing on the go. Another cool feature is its incorporated image search that allows you to browse for pictures online to use on your projects. Here are some videos of what the app can do, and to get it you can go here.


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