Typographic findings: Dotsies, a new alphabet

April 12, 2012

Craig Muth is a designer with a particular interest in type. He has noticed that the latin alphabet has been perfected for writing but not particularly for reading, as it takes more space in the page/screen. To change this he has come up with a completely new alphabet called Dotsies, one that's purely visual and abstract, one that favours the maximum use of  the screen. The 26 letters of the alphabet have been translated to a set of dots arranged in a vertical form and the composition of words is in a much more compact way.

More than a new typeface, Muth proposes a whole new system of reading- one that you'll have to learn to get used to. As with all learning processes, the first tries might be a bit complicated, as we're not really used to translate such a dense figure into words. As to 'why should I care?', Muth responds in the website: Since latin letters (a, b, c, etc.) are optimized to be written by hand, they take up a lot of unnecessary space. Your eyes have to move at a frantic pace from left to right to read. Use screen space more efficiently! Have a more relaxed reading experience! 

You can learn more about dotsies in their website and also take some time to memorize this new typeface (still a bit uncertain about calling it a typeface since it proposes a whole new reading concept). All in all it's a very interesting project, we've always taken reading for granted and taking onto such a quotidian task in a whole different way it's a fun experiment to try out. Could you figure it out?



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