Typographic love: ZWEI Plus

March 23, 2012

We've already seen the newest trend in logo design: permutations. But how would that translate into type? Berlin based designer Jacopo Severitano has come up with what would be the lovechild of this two concepts, it's called ZWEI Plus. Basically, he proposes that working on a base grid you can do all the changes you want to create different letterings. The base grid consists of a simple square-dot combination and from then on the possibilities are endless. It's curious how many variations one can create out of this, and how different can the letters be from one another. One can also notice that the complexity of them can increase depending on the style you want to go with- simple strokes, highly geometric, curved lines, i.e., even going to borderline identifiable. I specially like how the changing type can resemble ancient glyphs, sort of like the cuneiform script. It's a great piece of work, an unconventional take on the mixture of type and geometry that doesn't fall into the already known styles.

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