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Communication logos are logo designs that represent the internet and telecommunications industries. These logos are becoming both more visible and more prominent in today’s modern world. Every day, more and more internet and telecommunication companies are popping up around the world and thus, there is a growing need for many new communication logo designs in the market today.As with all logo design, communication logo design and communication logo template design should be carefully considered. Communication logos should be attractive, stylish and contemporary in design. They should be very distinctive, impressive and mirror the modern, growing and fast-paced industry that they represent. Communication logo design or communication logo design templates usually include a mixture of colours including blues, greens, oranges, reds and browns. Communication logo design or communication logo design templates also typically use clear and easy to read fonts. There are a few reoccurring themes that are often found in communication logo designs or communication logo template designs. For example, communication logo designs are often circular because they are trying to relay the idea of a global presence or global communication to their customers. Motion, people, satellites and telephones are also some common themes often found in communication logos.