Construction Logos

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A good company logo design should have the ability to be manipulated in a number of different ways. A good logo design could include text, animations, an image or even a 3D effect. A good logo design should also be created so that it can be readily printed on a wide variety of different promotional materials such as business cards and stationery.
Construction logos can vary quite significantly depending on the specific construction sector a specific construction company falls under. For example, many construction logos tend to use the standard construction images such as houses, buildings, bridges or skylines. This is great for a city planning or a civil engineering construction company, which deal with the planning, implementation and maintenance of such structures. However, these standard construction images won’t work well for an outdoor construction company. If a construction company is operating in more of an environmental setting, they may want to choose a construction logo design or a construction logo template design that includes trees, birds or rivers. Many construction logos tend to be created using orange, red or yellow.
Road and construction signs are already mostly in these colours (orange=road works or construction; red=stop; yellow=warnings) therefore, it makes sense that construction companies often then tend to choose these colours for their logo design or logo template design.
Consumers already associate these colours with construction services in their minds so by pairing these colours with other symbols of construction, customers can easily remember their company and the type of services that they offer.