All major educational institutions use education logos to help establish and promote their image. An educational logo design must demonstrate that educational institutions work hard to teach its students knowledge, confidence, morals, values and discipline. An education logo design must both act to strengthen the overall reputation of an educational institution while also relaying its positive, strong and distinctive image.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> Educational logos are usually bright and beautiful logo designs that inspire prospective students and instill confidence in their minds that if they chose to attend, they will be getting an education of the highest quality. Educational logos must be designed to attract new young minds while also displaying an educational institutions commitment to excellence and its dedication to learning.When choosing an educational logo design or an educational template design, one must carefully consider their target market. If, for example, you want an education logo design for a kindergarten, an appropriate education logo design will likely use bright primary colours and a playful image or character. Although at this age, it will be the parents that have the final say when choosing which particular school their child will attend, having a captivating yet impressive and memorable education logo design will appeal to both the parents and children. If, on the other hand, an education logo design is supposed to target college or university students, then it would be much wiser to use more subdued yet still bold colours like burgundy or navy that convey the educational institutions long history and its aspiring goals for the future.Universities and colleges often print their education logo design on many different products such as t-shirts, pants, notebooks, pens, pencils and even posters therefore an education logo design must be scalable.