Finance Logos

Financial logo designs carry with them many subtle and important nuances. These nuances say a lot to a customer about a particular financial company or institution. Financial companies are responsible for handling both people’s money and investment and as such, they must make their customers feel comfortable with their work and the services that they offer. A financial company can use its logo design strategically in order to convey to its customers that it is a serious, professional, reliable and trustworthy company. A good financial logo design will demonstrate to a financial company’s clients that it is a successful and established business that can be trusted to be responsible for someone’s wealth and financial security.The images, colours and fonts that a financial company chooses to use in their logo design heavily influence the image that they portray to their clients. For example, pillars, lion and mountains are common images that appear in financial logo designs because they represent strength, security, reliability and stability. Circles and rectangles are also often used in financial logo designs because they represent wealth and balance. Images of homes and buildings are used as well as they convey to the clients that they are built upon a strong foundation. Red, black, white, blue and gold are the most common colours used in financial logo designs. Red is used mostly to attract their customer’s attention while blue acts as a soothing, trustworthy and secure colour.
Black is used to represent seriousness and professionalism while white represents trust and truth. Finally, gold is sometimes used to represent the wealth, good fortune and reliability of a financial company. A financial logo design should use a clear, bold, legible and conservative font. Most financial logo designs are fairly conventional in that they often have the company’s name printed below their logo image.