IT Logos

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In the 90’s, the internet became accessible to the public and since them, its use has exploded. Nowadays, people use the internet for a multitude of reasons. Some people use it to do research, others to sell products and services while still others use it to study at a prestigious university halfway across the world. People use it for video games, for watching TV shows and for accessing information from all over the globe. The internet has become a staple in our society and it has opened up a world of possibilities to us all. Every company in the 21st century must have an internet presence. A lot of business is now conducted online and if a business wants to be able to compete, they must, at a minimum, have a website. The World Wide Web is now littered with companies and their internet logo designs. Internet logo designs are becoming a very powerful means of expression and they can quickly convey to a company’s clients a lot about their company’s image and the products or services that they sell. An internet logo design must be attractive, effective, eye-catching and make an instant impact on a company’s clients. An internet logo design must help to make a company’s message clear and the products or services that they are selling obvious. An internet logo design should also be colourful (think of the Google logo) and easy to identify. Large, easy-to-read fonts are generally the best option for an internet logo design. An internet logo designs can also be in 3D or animated to help impress a company’s clients and grab their attention. Finally, even though an internet logo design may be primarily used on the internet, it still needs to also be transferable to more traditional mediums such as business cards and stationery designs. as the need arises.a