Multimedia Logos

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The media communicates with us every day and it is our link to the world around us. The media tells us what is going on in the farthest corners of the Earth while at the same time, letting us know what is happening just down our street. The media brings us our advertising and it is a driving force for change and education.
The media industry is a large, fast-paced and highly competitive industry. With newspapers, radios, television channels and email campaigns all competing for our constantly attention, a media company’s logo design must be unique, enticing, striking and eye-catching in order to capture the attention of as many people as it can.
A media logo design must be trendy, stylish, colourful, attractive and extraordinary. A media logo design must also be creative, fun, inviting and charming. A media logo must capture the essence of the media industry and prove to its audience that it is a leading and reputable source of information. Most media logo designs or media templates do this by using the latest technologies to animate, add many colours and/or even 3D effects to their logo designs. These added special effects help media logo designs to stand out from one another and to grab the attention of their viewers. One of the most well-known and famous media logo designs that does just that is the MTV logo design.
Because of the diverse nature of the media industry, a media logo design must be created so that it can be printed on a media companies business cards, stationery designs, banner and posters while also being suitable for TV and movie screens. A media logo design must therefore be scalable in order to meet any of the diverse advertising needs of any media company.