Medical & Healthcare Logos

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Whether you are a hospital, a clinic, a doctor, a small medical company or a larger medical company that has been around for a long time, you need a medical logo design. Medical logo designs are logo designs that represent the medical industry and they are strongly associated with good health and wellbeing in our minds. We expect all of our doctors and other health care professional to be professional, caring and highly experienced people. Every medical logo design should reflect this fact and help to instill confidence and trust in patients.
The images and symbols that are used in a medical logo design depend mostly on the specific medical sector in which a particular doctor, clinic or medical organization operates. For example, a heart surgeon would likely use an image of a heart in his or her medical logo design whereas a dentist would probably want to include teeth or a toothbrush in his or her medical logo design. Sometimes however, more general and traditional symbols and images are used in medical logo designs such as stethoscopes, scalpels or surgical masks.
When a particular doctor has more than one specialty or even a hospital that works to cure people of all ailments, the symbol or image that they choose to use in their medical logo design may be more abstract. For example, for these types of situations, badge or seal-like images are often used. Serpent scepter and crosses are also sometimes used. All of these symbols are associated with the medical industry and are connected with the ideas of authority, medical advancements and the medical health sector.
Red, blue and white are the three colours used in most medical logo designs. These colour are already strongly associated with the medical sector in our minds and thus, are a natural choice for this sector. Red is the colour of blood. Blue is associated with comfort and relief while white represents peace, tranquility and relief.