Nature Logos

Nowadays, more and more people are conscious of the world around them. With our increasing awareness of global warming and pollution, we cannot help but feel responsible and want to do their part to save the environment. Many different companies and organizations also want to do their part and this decade, there have been more environmental campaigns than every before. Environmental and nature companies and organizations all identify with nature and hence, they all use nature in their logo designs. Nature logo designs usually include images of the outdoors such as leaves, trees, mountains, plants, houses and even blades of grass. These images all evoke feelings of happiness, balance, harmony and other emotions that are strongly related to nature. Recently, there has also been a movement to use friendly characters in the logo designs for environmental organizations. These animal-based character logo designs are used throughout the entire marketing campaign for an environmental company and they are also usually associated with a company’s slogan. A nature logo design usually uses earthy colours such as greens, browns, oranges and yellows. These are all warm, relaxing and serene colours. Gradients are also sometimes used in nature logo designs or nature templates in order to give them a more modern look and appeal.