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The need for network logo designs has sprung up from the relatively new and booming computers and internet industries. With the increasing popularity of the internet and our constant demand for more networking solutions, many networking and global communications companies have started popping up all over the globe. These networking companies all need network logo designs and these logo designs should reflect the modern, fast-paced and growing nature of the both the computers and the internet industries that they represent.
Most network logo designs use circular or globular in their logo designs. These forms help to portray network companies as forward thinking, technology driven and innovative. Slightly faded reflections are also often used in network logo designs or network templates so as to make these logo designs look more attractive, interesting and effective. A network logo design may also be created using the latest 3D technology or animations.
A network logo design often uses web fonts or futuristic sans-serif font styles. These fonts have hard edges and are much more modern and contemporary than their sans-serif counterparts. A network logo design is not limited in their colour use however, blues, greens, blacks, reds and oranges are the colours most often used in these design. These colours help to reinforce technology and development within this industry.