Non Exclusive Logos

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A logo is the face of the company and needs to connect with consumer emotions. Hence, it is pivotal to have a logo that speaks out to your audience and at the same time portrays a true image of your company or brand. At Pixellogo, our objective revolves around creating innovative logos and templates which truly depict the company and are also catchy and recall friendly. Our experienced designers work closely with our clients in order to understand their profile and the client is constantly updated with their logo’s progress. The results we deliver are sharp, professional, affordable graphic logos which go on to become the company’s identity.Differ from your competitors with our personalized high quality Vector Logos…Vector logos provide high resolution clarity which is ideal for any graphic logo design. They have brilliant clarity and are easily resizable, unlike bitmap images, which lose image quality on being scaled. Moreover, you can even use the huge range of pantone colors along with your vector logo, for precise color printing. You can then use your vector logo with your stationery, brochure, website and even t-shirt! Select from our ready-to-use vector logos, customize them or simply create your own logo from scratch with our art department. Explain your intended plan to our designers and they will conceptualize a wide selection of designs for you to choose from at an insignificant price. So what are you waiting for? Browse through our website now and let us create a professional corporate identity for you, making you distinctly different from your competitors.