Restaurant & Hospitality Logos

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Restaurant logo designs are some of the most famous logo designs in the world. Think of the golden arches of the McDonald’s ‘M’ or of the KFC logo design with Colonel Sanders. Think of the Pizza Hut logo design or Burger King’s logo design. These are all very memorable logo designs that are instantly recognizable in our minds. When we see these restaurant logo designs, our mouths start to salivate and we instantly know what they sell.
Restaurant logo designs or restaurant logo templates should give its customers an idea as to what type of food they serve. For example, restaurants often include an image or a symbol of an animal in their logo design. A seafood restaurant might include a fish in their logo design whereas a restaurant that specializes in pork dishes might include a pig in their logo design. An ethnic restaurant may use their flags colours in their logo design or an image that obviously distinguishes that nations cuisine in their customer’s minds. This instantly tells potential customers what type of food they can expect to be served if they choose to eat at a particular restaurant.
Restaurant logo designs or restaurant logo templates should also give customers an idea as to what kind of atmosphere the restaurant has. For example, if a restaurant includes a candle in their logo design, they are most likely eluding to the fact that they offer their customers a romantic experience. Many restaurants also use the fonts in their logo design to convey to their customers their restaurant’s ambiance. For example, a fancy restaurant would most likely use an elegant and fancy font whereas a steak house would be much more likely to use a heavy and bold font.
Ultimately, there are many different options and variety in restaurant logo designs and logo templates. You are only limited by your own creativity and imagination. When creating a restaurant logo design, it is best to remember that you want to create a unique logo design that is very recognizable. you also want to make sure that your restaurant logo design is appealing to your potential customers and that you give your customers a clear idea as to what type of ambiance and food your customers can expect.