Security & Insurance

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With rising concerns about security and terrorism, there has been an incredible surge in the number of emerging security companies appearing on the worldwide market. In the past decade, the security industry has become even more competitive than it has been previously and every security company is trying their best to be noticed and stand out amongst their competition. Security companies have thus started to put more and more emphasis on their security logo designs as well as their marketing campaigns.
Security companies offer their customers a sense of security and safety. A security company’s logo design must therefore invoke these feelings in their customers while also looking very professional and reliable. A security logo design must also convey to a security company’s clients that it is a honest and responsible company that has integrity, authority and strength.
Most security logo designs or security logo templates look rather masculine because it is the male persona that is most commonly associated with security and safety. Most security logo designs use bold fonts, sharp lines and dark colours to help them do this.
A security company has its logo design printed on all of its marketing and promotional material such as its business cards and stationery designs as well as it staff uniforms, its security trucks and even some of its security equipment. For this reason, it is very important that a security logo design be scalable and legible at all sizes.