About us

Established in 2004 in Montreal, Canada, Pixellogo.com is a boutique graphic design consultancy that specialises in logo design, font creation, and corporate identity solutions. We are a truly customer-centric organisation, employing best practice to ensure integrated marketing communications for your organisation. You want your organisation to be noticed; to connect with your target market; to assure credibility by having a coherent brand identity; and to be valued by your own staff as much as your clients. These are critical issues in your brand strategy. We understand this. We will deliver.

Who we are

After 12 successful years of being an online logo template provider, we offer unparalleled expertise, innovative design and comprehensive tools to bring you a shopping experience for logo templates with no limitations at all. Today, Pixellogo is the leading provider of pre-designed templates, stationery and business card images. Our distinctive designs have been used by companies around the world and have been featured in numerous design magazines, including Design Graphics and web designer.

Our promise

Our passionate team of in-house designers has poured years of experience and creative air into our extensive catalog. Every designer takes great pride in the unique designs they create, and in helping new businesses affordably establish their own eye-catching identity. If you have recently started a business and want to stand out from the crowd, start browsing our catalog today.

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