Custom Logo Animation Makers

Pixellogo is a logo animation maker; we specialize in web and email signature loop animations for web. Our specialization is studying clients business and finding a clever way to animation and tell a short story about the company. We do custom logo animation and not just take a pre-designed set of effects and apply to your logo. We do the animation according to your needs. We don't just spin a logo and called it an animation unless you would like it spinning, and its appropriate to your business. Although our animations are designed for web and email signature, we can make it work as an elegant video intro as well. If you are looking to have your logo in 3D and animate it, you just have to look in our 3D catalog and pre designed Logo animations to see our past work.

smart-sign 3D visual foamcutting 

Custom Animation Sample

The Smart Sign project is a great example of our custom logo animation work. This project was done exclusively and tailor-made for their business. Smart-Sign is a Danish Sign making company specializing in foam cutting sign production. We came up with the idea of their logo being cut out from the orange plain and come forward to reveal its design. The whole animation is 3 seconds with an additional 3-second pause when the logo shows in full shape. The final result with loop speaks for itself. We've had very positive feedback from the client. Please see the attached sample.

Spinning Badge Logo animationliquid ball Logo animationMercury Logo animation

3D logo animation Makers

If you are looking to have your logo in 3D and animate it, you just have to look in our 3D catalog and Logo animation samples to see our past body of work and our capabilities. We have extensive 3D logo creation experience. Our team of model makers have years of experience and awards to their name, and we're happy to tackle your project. Once we build your logo in 3D, we can manipulate and animate the logo in any we wish. Of course to display your it on the web we recommend very short animation to keep website page load times low. 3 to 4 seconds max for web animation is usually standard. Sometimes we can extend times by pausing some logos in places to showcase the identity the way its meant to be seen, but overall, we keep logo animation times short.


pixellogo pixel logo
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Logo Animation Maker Software

Before smartphones were ubiquitous, flash animation was king of web animation, and internet was flush with flash animation, it looked like everything was supposed to move on the web. Of course, that trend died when that animation format was problematic with smartphones. But there is a new software from Adobe that works very similarly to Flash and does the same job and its called Adobe Animate CC. This software was released after Flash parent company Macromedia was acquired by Adobe, so in a way, Adobe Animate CC is the reincarnation of Flash, but with the capability to work and play across different platforms, which was the key reason that killed flash. Almost all Graphic software offer some animation capabilities, of course, some better than others. Even Adobe Photoshop has fun but straightforward animation capability that could be a lot of fun to experiment with.