Construction Logos

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Construction logos

This is an Extensive Construction logo Collection designed by Pixellogo. These logos work with different types of construction company industries. Construction logos usually have one crucial design aspect familiar to them, they all have hard lines instead of softer lines. But with the changes in technology and advances in computer-aided design and construction techniques, the design lines have changed too. Design and architectural companies have started adopting new more sophisticated construction lines to represent themselves; Construction logos have begun becoming softer and more friendly sometimes even to showcase environmental conscious construction techniques or applications and materials.
To accommodate the advances and changes in construction industries, we created a series of Construction logos, Engineering, Civil Engineering construction companies. We have researched and found incredible technological advancements, we have also noticed a significant trend of small self-starting groups who saw their solutions and built their construction companies around them.
We created different styles of construction logos, some leaning more on high technology and some traditional construction. We have also experimented with 3D Construction logos. This gave us whole new vast areas to explore since we could play with textures and depth to define harder looking logos.
Yellow and black are usually are most common colors that most construction companies use since these were the standard warning colors at almost any construction site in the world. We tried not to overuse the same colors to suggest different construction logo solutions.