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Travel Logos

There are many different types of companies in the Aviation travel industry that may need a travel logo design or a travel logo template. For example, there are travel agents, airline companies, cruise lines, tour operators, car rental companies as well as many other different types of companies that service the travel industry. All of these companies need travel logo designs that are eye-catching, original, memorable and recognizable.
For most people, Aviation travel is associated with good feelings and memories. A travel logo design should also have this type of positive and light image associated with it while also looking professional, reliable and responsible. A company’s travel logo design should convey to its clients that it is a trust-worthy and dependable company. A company’s travel logo design should also portray its individuality while also giving its clients hints as to the type of travel related services that they provide.
The most common type of imagery associated with travel logo designs or travel logo templates are circles, globes, swooshes and airplanes. Some Aviation logo designs even include images or symbols that signify the country that they operate in or the country to which they provide their travel services. In terms of the fonts used in travel logo designs, if a travel company deals primarily with leisure travel, they may choose to use light, fun and alluring fonts in their logo design. If a travel company deals more with business clientele, they may choose to use more formal and professional fonts in their logo design.

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