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*3D logo treatment is considered a separate project, after a flat vector logo has been designed and approved, if you wish to have a 3D version of that logo, we can give you ideas of what we can do with your logo, give you a new quote for the 3D project and create one from the flat logo.
3D logo design starts at $250, prices vary depending on the complexity of the design and requirements.
We also provide animation service for web and broadcast.


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Custom logo design projects start with a full understanding of what the clients wants and the projects needs. Before we start making your logo design, we send a questionnaire to collect as much information about your business your, your products and services and about your competitors. Once we have a general idea about the business, we setup a quick phone call to understand what the project entails, where and what type of applications the logo will be used and so on. We make our suggestions and recommendations and provide a quote, if there are additional requests on the logo, eg. if you need a 3D version of the logo, the cost for 3D logo is estimated and quoted separately.

Once we have a clear view of the logo design project, we ask for a deposit of 50% of the agreed quote, and start working on the project. We need at least one week to come with initial sketches. Once the initial sketches are presented, we listen to your feedback on the logo you have chosen, and we provide additional variations and/or revisions based on your feedback, until you are satisfied with the result. It usually take 2 to 3 revisions to get to a final design.

Once approved, we send a payment link for the balance. We finalize the Custom Logo Design and prepare the files for all the necessary formats and provide them to you through a download link.


Finding Your Perfect Logo Design

One of the best methods of marketing is logo design - an attractive, eye-catching logo will stand out to your potential clientele. While many don't realize the importance of a captivating logo, hiring a company logo maker to design your company's logo can increase your business profit by significant amounts.

Designing a logo, however, can be somewhat tricky - which is why custom logo maker webpages provide services to you, at an affordable cost, to help find, design, and utilize your perfect logo.

What Should You Consider Before Purchasing a Pre-Designed Logo?

Often, when you look at the array of pre-designed logos, it can seem overwhelming to know what you want to select from your company logo maker or business. Our website provides thousands of designs that allow you to research what may work best for your companies logo.

However, many individuals are not sure what type of design to choose when they start in their search for a logo design. Company logo maker services allow you to view a variety of designs - furthermore, our logo design artists can help guide you through the selection process. Design artists can effectively able to suggest what may work best for your business, based on your needs.

Custom logo maker companies can review your business and the products you or your company are trying to sell and develop a design that meets you or your company's needs.

Things design artists may advise you or your company to consider your overall business needs before selecting a logo. While a pre-made logo may be a good fit for your company, company logo maker services are available to provide unique and custom ideas for business.

With custom logo maker services, a variety of different pre-made logos, as well as custom logo designs are available for you to select.

How Do Custom Logo Maker Services Work?

Whether you are looking for a design template for which you can create your logo, based off a simplistic design and modified to your needs, or if you are looking for a custom logo maker to design you or your company a new logo, we provide services that allow you to have a custom logo created for your company, specifically.

Our company offers a wide variety of pre-made logos that have several different options. For instance, you can choose from typical, 2D logos, or 3D logos. There are also animated logo options. Furthermore, we offer an array of exclusive and non-exclusive logo creations for you to choose from at a reasonable price point.

Should you feel that you need assistance, you can utilize our company logo maker services - at the affordable price point of $29, one of our custom logo makers will assist you in designing a logo that helps your company flourish.

In most cases, our logo design team can return your custom logo maker services within 24 hours. If you have questions or concerns in regards to your logo design, you can always communicate with your design artist about your company logo maker services. Edits can typically; however, we do suggest that before your custom logo maker services, you provide details for your logo design.

Our artists will work with you to assist you in creating a design that you are satisfied with, and that will help boost your overall revenue for your business, no matter what your needs are.

Moreover, with the purchase of a logo design template, our company logo maker team will be able to create and edit designs that fit your needs. Samples to you, personally, so that you may review the plans and determine any changes that need to We want you and your company to be .completely satisfied with the logo you purchase - if you have concerns, our custom logo maker team will be more than happy to review the design with you and make any requested edits.

Our company logo maker team can assist you in finding a logo that will help your business thrive - we won't settle for anything less. With thousands of previous purchases, as well as thousands of custom logo maker services to choose from, we hope to find a solution that fits your company logo maker needs.

Pixellogo designers have been Custom Logo designers for over 30 years. We have been serving customers and working with them to create unique designs. As custom logo maker we take our time to understand our customers’ needs and vision of their company and their future and work with them to create a lasting design solution. We design with long term company vision in mind and not beg cornered by industry trends that could look dated in a few years.

Nowadays the term company logo maker refers to a software that offers readymade ideas as logos, but it logo maker means a different concept to a traditional logo designer. It means getting down with research and development, sketching ideas and refining them until the hidden concepts starts appearing. A good logo design takes time and a lot of sketching, good custom logo designers understand and love the process and enjoy taking their time to create something unique and lasting.