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If you're looking to take your brand's visibility and impact to the next level, we can help. Our team 3d logo makers has been creating 3D logos with unparalleled quality for 25+ years - far surpassing our competitors in terms of innovation and creativity. We don't just design logos that look good; they also make an unforgettable statement about who you are as a business, stimulating curiosity among potential customers along the way. With these powerful visuals at your disposal, it will be easier than ever before to bring new life into marketing materials of all sizes whether online or offline – from webpages & social media accounts right through TV adverts & billboards! So why not contact us today and get started on taking those first steps towards propelling companies image above the competition?
  • Show us your logo to get a quote

    To receive a quote for your project, we need to see your logo first so we can estimate how much work there is to do. You can email your logo to sales@pixellogo.com
  • Let's Discuss design ideas

    We'd love to hear your input and understand what you would like to see. We can have quick chat over the phone if you like and discuss ideas. 
  • Receive samples for approval

    We need 2 to 5 days to create samples for your review. We don't have a limit on revisions, we make sure you are happy with the final result.

Benefits of 3D Logos


Elevate Your Brand with our 3D Logo Makers

  • Stronger Impression

    Stand out from the crowd with a unique 3D logo
  • Increase Brand Curiosity

    Attract more attention with a visually striking 3D logo
  • Deeper Brand Recognition

    Make a lasting impression with a memorable 3D logo

3D Logo Making Projects

Red Bull 3D Logo
Red Bull 3D Logo was a project we wanted to challenge ourselves with. Making the Red Bull Logo 3d  was no easy task, but we thoroughly enjoyed the process. The Bull was modelled from the ground with very little reference art to work from. We created a stylized sculpted looking Bull. We love the final result 
Nike 3D logo design
Making Nike Logo in 3d was a fun project, how to make the most perfect icon in 3d but still keep its form. We always visualized the nike logo form as glue coming out of a tube that draws the shape, so we created the 3d model with that shape in mind. By splitting the shape right in the middle we were able to apply two textures, the orange mesh and highly polished chrome.
Dream Glam 3D Logo Making
Dream Glam logo was designed for Makeup and hair stylist to the stars in Beverly Hills. The logo simplicity and elegance was emphazid by Gold lettering and rich gold texture background. We Made the 3D logo in a simple shiny gold to let the clean logo lines undisturbed. 
Roi 3D Logo Making Project
ROI logo was provided to us as 2d black and white logo, the client wanted to explore the idea of making their logo in 3D. We had to adjust some of the original logo designs to have the 3D logo lines flow a little better. The line had to be continuous to mimic the original logo concept. The obvious choice was to have a tubular 3D look in one continuous metal chrome object. 

Harley Davidson 3D logo Project
We wanted to capture the essence and the passion of Harley Davidson logo and make in it 3D. Our team of 3D logo makers created a variety of options in 3d but this is version was the one that ended up as book cover design about Harley Davidson motor bikes.

Under Armour 3D logo Maker
Making Under Armour logo in 3D was a little challenging since the logo has very little design elements to work with. The logo is composed of two letters U and A but it looks like one element, so we decided to make the 3D logo in a way to show that its two separate pieces come to gether to create one symbol.

Great Joy 3D Text project
This logo is a great example of how sometimes 3D text works very well. This Company rents out inflatable castles and houses for birthday parties. The client approached us with the idea of making all the letters balloon like. We designed and made all the letters in 3d. We also provided the customer with a Flat 2D Eps file.

Creating Juice Masters logo
We were approached to design a logo make it 3D. The idea was to show the with all the freshness of their juice. We created pencil sketches for design approval, once approved, our team of 3D logo makers created the model, applied the colors with just the right amount of reflection and lit with studio lighting.

Diversified 3D logo design
The idea for the logo was presented to us as a rough sketch by our client, we took the concept and created several options of flat Vector logo samples. Once a design was chosen, our 3D logo making team created the 3D version, we explored different lighting and textures before settling on the 3D logo shown here.

Nike 3D logo design experiment
Making Nike Logo in 3d was a fun project, how to make the most perfect icon in 3d but still keep its form. We always saw the nike logo form as toothpaste coming out of a tube to draw the shape, so we created the 3d model with that shape in mind. By splitting the shape right in the middle we were able to apply two textures, the orange mesh and highly polished chrome.

Some of our latest work

Professional 3D Logo Makers for over 25 Years

Final Delivery File Sizes and Formats

We Make our 3D logos in High-Resolution to bring out rich details

We deliver the final files for almost all applications; whether you'd like to use the logo for Web, Social Media, Print, or large format printing like Trucks or Billboards, we got you covered; specify where you plan to use the logo before the start of the project and we will prepare the final files accordingly.

Files and Formats

  • Files are provided in PSD Layer, Jpeg, Transparent PNG formats (These 3d logos do not come in Vector format)
  • Web and social media Profile
  • 300dpi Print files for stationery and 12"x12" at 300dpi
  • Large Format files for Billboard at Customer specified sizes


01. Do 3D Logos Print Sharp?

Absolutely, they print as good as you as can see in our catalog. We provide high resolution files. If you like us to make a 3d logo in extremely high resolution format for billboard prints, Trucks, please make sure to specify in the beginning of the project and we'd be happy to accommodate. 

02. What are the Pros and Cons of 3D logos

Pros: 3D logos look great in any application, from web to printing on brochures to billboards and any type multimedia use, the logo will look impressive and enhance the companies image and identity. 

Cons: 3D logos do not come in vector format. 3D logos cannot be imbroidered and printed well on t-shirts, for these types of jobs we do offer our services simplifying the 3d logo to 1 or 2 colors vector format

03. How much does making a 3D logo cost?

Since not all logos have the same detail and amount of work involved, there is no way to have one cost for all logos. If you are interested in getting a quote, please show us your logo by either providing a web address where we can see the logo, or by sending it to use directly by email. Once we have a look and understand the job, we will give you a quote. On average Making a logo 3D prices start around $250 and up.  

04. What formats do you provide final files in?

We make our 3D logos in High Resolution Photoshop layer format with transparent background, we provide the size high enough for the logo be resized to any size. If you will be using the logo for billboard and need extreme large format, please let us know in the beginning of the project.

Why Work With Us?

As a business striving for professionalism, logo design is an essential component of your brand identity. The Pixellogo 3D Logo Maker team understands this better than most and provides businesses with high-quality results delivered by experienced designers. With the right skillset in their arsenal, they can generate outstanding logos that truly represent each company's values while also standing out from its competition. Get to know some of our experts who are responsible for these amazing outcomes through browsing our portfolio filled with projects crafted solely using expertise and experience — you will see why we're consistently chosen as partners when it comes to creating memorable visuals!

One of the main advantages of working with our 3D Logo Maker team is our level of expertise and experience. The team comprises professional graphic designers with a wealth of experience creating 3D logos for various businesses. We have the skills and knowledge needed to create a logo that looks great and effectively elevates your brand. Look at our portfolio to see some of our past projects and see for yourself.

Another advantage of working with our 3D Logo Maker team is the level of customization needs you might have in the future. There is almost nothing we can't do. If you like honest feedback or help, we are a phone call away from any support you might have with your logo. We will work with you to understand your design needs and what you want to achieve with your logo. We will create a tailored design to your needs and reflect your business's unique personality and values. This level of customization can help ensure that your logo is genuinely one-of-a-kind and effectively communicates your brand.

The Pixellogo 3D Logo Maker team also offers a fast turnaround time and excellent customer service. We understand the importance of marketing and how a logo is the backbone of branding. We will work to deliver the final logo on time and budget. We also provide clear communication throughout the process, ensuring that you are kept up to date on the progress of your logo and can give feedback and make changes as needed. This can be especially useful for businesses that need a logo quickly or that have a specific deadline in mind.

The Pixellogo 3D Logo Maker team also offers 3d logo animation services. If you are looking for a logo animation for a presentation, Video intro, TV Commercial spot, or a loop signature animation for your email. In that case, we are fully equipped to deliver high-quality work.
Working with our 3D Logo Maker team can also be cost-effective. We offer very reasonable and budget-friendly pricing, making it more affordable for small businesses and individuals to create a 3D logo without compromising the final product's quality.

Working with our 3D Logo Maker team offers a variety of benefits for businesses looking for professional and high-quality 3D logos. Our expertise, customization service, fast turnaround time, excellent customer service, and cost-effectiveness make us ideal for creating a professional 3d logo. The team's vast knowledge of 3D software and history of creating 3d logos allows you to create a truly unique logo tailored to your specific needs; our affordable pricing makes it a budget-friendly solution to create a 3D logo if you're looking to create a logo that stands out and effectively represents your brand.


Thank you very much for your prompt and excellent service. Your designs are simply the best among all the other portfolios we’d seen and we are extremely pleased with the level of service we received from Pixellogo. All the best!

Mandy Cardinal

Project Manager

I just cannot get over how quickly you turned this around, and plus the quality of the work, I am glad to see that there are companies out there who do still give a damn about quality, well done and I most certainly will use your services again if i have the need, well done and very professional.

Barry Smith

W3 Web Designs Limited

Thanks! This is the third time I've used your Services for my projects and what a help you guys are! I love your designs, keep up the good work!

Tammy Peterson

Marketing Department

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