3D Logo Maker

Would you like us to make your logo in 3D?

Here are some examples of 3D styling projects we have done, if you are interested in having your existing logo into 3D style, please contact us, show us your logo and ask for our feedback and quote, Our prices start from $250, prices may vary depending on the complexity of the project. To get a quote, please Contact us.


Premier Computing logo with 3D logo Maker

Premier computing logo design and 3d effects.

This project started as a 2D flat logo project with the possibility of creating a 3D version if the customer chose to. The client Initially was looking for a 3D logo but after some discussion and understanding what their needs were, we suggested in creating a flat version first and then create a 3D logo. In the example below we have the flat logo and 3D version to show the project progression. Creating a 3d version was not a simple task, our 3D logo maker was not quite up to task so we created the preliminary 3D logo in 3D logo maker and then re created the logo in Vector format. This might not work in all design projects, but worked for this logo project.


ROI Logo with 3D logo Maker

ROI logo 3d making project

ROI logo was not designed by pixellogo. The line art on the left was their existing logo and the client wanted to explore the idea of making their logo in 3D. We had to adjust some of the original logo designs to have the 3D logo lines flow better. The line had to be continuous to mimic the original logo concept. The obvious choice was to have a tubular 3D look in one continuous metal chrome. The final effect worked out great as shown above.


Diversified Logo with 3D logo Maker

Diversified logo design and 3D making project 

This project was brought to us by Stephen VanDruff of Diversified Contractors. The idea for the logo was presented to us as a rough sketch, we took Stephens concept and created several options of Vector flat logo, the final design was the one shown in white. Once we had a solid base for the logo, we created the 3D version, we explored different lighting and textures before settling on the 3D logo shown here.


Empyreal Visuals logo by 3D logo Makers

Empyreal Visuals 3D logo Making project.

Empyreal Visuals is Movie and video production company based in Tel Aviv, Israel. We worked with David's sketches to create a clean and balance black and white version of the logo first, once we finalized and had the design approved, we started exploring 3D logo options. The logo by itself did not have too many interesting angles to make a good 3D logo, so we added additional bevel to the face of the logo to give more interesting lighting and texturing shapes for more dramatic look, the final 3D logo shown above is the final result.


Sundyne logo 3D by 3D logo maker

Sundyne logo with 3D logo making project

Sundyne 3d logo project was a challenging one because the client wanted the name in 3D too. Making the name in 3D is never as simple as it seems, when a logo is created in 3D, there are lots of new details like highlight, shadows and reflections that need to be considered and carefully created so the final artwork is still legible and not just an art project. The letters being so close created even more difficulties but after hours of playing with lighting we managed to create a good balance with the 3D effect as shown here in the final result.


Tanktech 3D logo with 3D logo Maker

TankTech logo design and 3d logo Version design.

Tanktech is an Oil Tank Removal Company that needed a complete logo design and 3D logo creation. Instead of a literal illustration of a heavy duty machinery removing tanks from under ground, we suggested and designed more of a conceptual one. Companies in this type of industry do understand what it is all about. We designed a custom type to reflect industrial heavy duty work the company does and made sure the logo stands on its own. The geometric shapes, bold lines are all part of the idea to make the look of the company just right. Once the customer approved the final design, we made the logo in 3D. We showed few textures option that works well with industrial look. The chrome 3D logo version was selected by the client.