Logo Animation Services

Looking to have your logo animated? We have a full team of designers and animators who are ready to tackle any project. Contact us with your project details and requirements and let us give you our feedback and suggestions. Once we have an idea about the scope of the work and what needs to be done with the logo animation, we'll provide you with a quote. Since not all projects take equal time and effort, we do not have a set price at this time. Our basic price starts at around $250 and goes up depending on the complexity and length of an animation project. 

The logos do not always need to be in 3D to be animated; we can do flat animation as well, as shown below in TRAINM logo sample.



Smart Sign Logo Animation | Pixellogo

Smart Sign Logo Animation Project

Smart Sign logo is a loop animation with a 3-second pause to display the logo at its static look. This logo was based one of our vector logos templates. The project was done in 2 parts; the first part was making the logo in 3D and getting approved by the client. After 3D design Approval, we proceeded with the animation. To see full details of this project please click here.



Signworks 3D Logo Animation

SignWorks Loop Logo animation Project

SignWorks is a sign making company based out of Indianapolis. They wanted to push their identity further by adding motion and further reinforcing their logos impression. Since they needed to use this for their website and in their signature, the logo animation had to loop. We animated the gears in the most obvious way to keep the logo design the same but give that extra attention. We also made the speed of the gears just fast enough to make sure it was not bothersome to the eye.  



Imagine Imagery Logo Animation | Pixellogo

Imagine Imagery Logo Animation project

This animation was based on our 3D logo 1083, Imagine Imagery Photography asked us to animate the logo for the studio to use in their promo videos as intro Animation. This is a short animation of the logo coming together in a few seconds, we worked with a tight budget to make this happen simple but interesting animation happen. The Animation is not a complicated one, its based on zooming and focusing motion of a lens which was perfect for this project.



Crytpo Change logo Animation | Pixellogo

Crypto Change logo started with one of our trusted clients who purchased the logo exclusively from us and asked us to animate it. The logo needed to be a looping animation so it could work on web and email. We took the natural lines of the logo and expanded on it, the final result is the animation show above with a 3 second pause to display the logo in its original state. 




Trainm Logo Animation | Pixellogo