Cool 3D Harley Davidson logo designs

December 16, 2016 1 Comment

We have always been a  big fan of Harley Davidson logo. The logo in its simplicity expresses the spirit of the free riders lifestyle. Its truly a wonderful design.

We wanted to experiment with the same message of the logo design and take it a little further with our 3d treatments and see what we can come up with. The textures that are chosen are taken from the bike itself and the actual feel of the lifestyle. With different Chrome, metal and lighting effects, we wanted to showcase the Harley Davidson logo in different stages of the bike history and its durability.

Shiny Black Harley Davidson Logo | LogodiveDirty Harley Davidson Logo | LogodiveChrome Harley Davidson Logo | LogodiveBrushed Steel Harley Davidson logo | Logodive3D color Harley Davidson Sign | LogodiveMetal Harley Davidson Logo | Logodive

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John Cooper
John Cooper

December 19, 2016

Harley Davidson is obviously the best and deserves the best. cool collection.thanks for sharing

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