Cool 3D Harley Davidson logo designs

3D harley davidson logo

We have always been a  big fan of Harley Davidson Emblem and the lifestyle that it goes with it, Harley was never just about the motor bike, it was a lot more than that. The bikes and the emblems stood as a symbol for freedom and rebellion.

Whether you are Motor bike enthusiast or not, when you see the Harley Davidson Emblem logo, you can see a passion embedded in the that logo. The logo feels like a seal of brotherhood of some kind, a group of passionate souls connected and shared by an experience, the experience, the lifestyle and the freedom that comes with as a rider, and it works beautifully. Of course it always helps that Harley Davidson Motor bikes have been a work of art just to look at. 

Over the years we have seen the logo drawn and redrawn by designers and fans to add their experience with the brand. If you were bike lover at a young age, you'd probably had your own version of Harley Davidson Emblem, maybe added some flames or skulls or wings of your liking. We know we did.

Cool Harley Davidson logo Fan Art

So after years of fantasizing, drawing, coming up with ideas for a cool Harley Davidson logo, we set out to take our own journey and have fun creating our own version of a Fan art. Of course we did not want to alter the original logo in any way, we love and respect that logo too much to change it or try to improve a logo thats already perfect. This logo can be around for another hundred years without any change and it will still evoke the same passion that it has been since its inception.


We wanted to experiment with the same message of the logo design and take it a little further with our 3d treatments and see what we can come up with. The textures that are chosen are taken from the bike itself and the actual feel of the lifestyle. With different Chrome, metal and lighting effects, we wanted to showcase the Harley Davidson riders experience to the logo.

Shiny Black Harley Davidson Logo | PixellogoDirty Harley Davidson Logo | LogodiveChrome Harley 3D Davidson Logo | PixellogoBrushed Steel 3D Harley Davidson logo | Pixellogo3D color Harley Davidson Sign | PixellogoGun Metal Harley Davidson Logo | Pixellogo

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