Top 10 Restaurant Logos

March 28, 2014

What do you think of when you look at a restaurant logo? Do you think about the wonderful smells, the delicious tastes that are about to grace your palette, and the scrumptious concoctions that are about to delight every one of your senses? I certainly do and when I look at a restaurant’s logo design, I look for a logo that resonates with what I expect to experience and for a logo that gives me a little glimpse as to what I am about to experience.
Here is a brief study of 10 amazing restaurant logos that I found while searching the Internet. I will look at and review each logo in turn. For me, a good restaurant logo design should be more than a picture and it should give me some idea as to what I am going to experience and what I should expect in terms of cost, ambience, flavours, etc.
The Slanted Door
The Slanted Door Restaurant Logo Design
The Slanted is a San Francisco based Vietnamese restaurant. It is a contemporary and modern restaurant that is still run in the same family-style that is typical of most Vietnamese restaurants.
The logo uses a very modern sans-serif typeface, which does well to establish this restaurant as a place of distinction and class. I love the slanted line that runs through the logo. It is a simple and clear way to illustrate the “slanted” aspect of the name while still seeming unique and well balanced. The studio that created this logo, Manual, said the slanted line is connected to all three levels of text in the logo so as to convey the importance of family to the success of the restaurant. I think that this is a great way to subtly get the point across that they are a small, mom-and-pops shop. Great work!
Festningen restaurant logo
Fesningen is a French brasserie located in Oslo. Festningen’s logo uses a simple, sans-serif logotype in contrast with traditional hand drawn illustrations. The culinary illustrations are set up in an ‘X’ pattern across the logotype. I think that this logo is very trendy and with its use of the hipster ‘X’ pattern seen in a lot of hipster logos these days, I worry that this logo may be too limiting for this restaurant. I like the logo but I wonder whether this logo design will fall out of grace in a few years.
The Honors
The Honors restaurant logo
The Honors is another French brasserie however this one is based in Edinburgh. The Honors uses a monogram as its logo where the ‘T’ and ‘H’ of the restaurants logo are used to create this very smart logo design. I love how simple and to the point this logo is. I think that this monogram logo very effectively portrays The Honors restaurant as a place of class, style and good food.
Lucy’s Fried Chicken
Lucy’s restaurant logo design
Lucy’s Fried Chicken is an Austen-based restaurant that serves traditional American-style food with a twist. This restaurant logo was created with a retro logotype, which is a great choice for this old-style American restaurant. I feel like this type of script is the type of script that you would see at a baseball game and it resonates well with good ol’ American values.
All of the above images were taken from Richard Baird’s wonderful website. If you are interested in more through reviews of any of the restaurant logos found above or simply more excellent logo reviews, please click here.
Here are 6 more restaurant logos reviewed:
Restaurant Logo for a classy seafood restaurant
The Hake
I like this logo. It is created in the same indie, hipster-style as the Festningen logo above however, I feel like the logotype that they used in this logo offsets the trendy factor and makes this logo longer lasting.
Family restaurant logo design
Nick & Joie’s
This logo reminds me of the Nickel’s restaurants that were established in Montreal by the pop singer, Celine Dion. I think that it is a good representation for a family style restaurant.
Logo for a mexican restaurant
Pico Madeira
I like this restaurant logo as well. It would assume that it offers great Mexican cuisine with a modern twist.
Logo for a brew pub
I also really like this restaurant logo design. I love how they use the barley in beer in their logo and I think that it is a simple and straightforward logo design for your neighbourhood pub and sports bar. I bet this bar is pretty popular.
Seafood Restaurant Logo
Pacific Fish Grill
This seems like a classic seafood restaurant logo design. I love how they used a fish to represent the ‘F’ of Fish.
Julian restaurant logo
Obviously a coffee shop’s logo, I feel like this logo is simple and to the point.
If you would like to see more examples of great restaurant logo designs, please visit the section. There are some great restaurant logos on this website that are both affordable and stylish.

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