A logo design is an image or symbol that is chosen to represent a company. A logo design is a part of a company’s identity and it is what is quickly identified and recognized by each of its valued customers. A company’s logo design is especially important because it will be printed on their business cards, stationery, brochures and all of their advertising material.
Like every business sector today, architecture firms also need logo designs. Logo designs help architectural firms to establish a presence in their industry. Nowadays, most architectural firms have realized the importance of branding and they have started to invest more time and money into their company’s logo design and development. Many architectural firms purchase architecture logo templates that they then use to represent their company.
A good architecture logo design should match that architectural firms personality and work to reinforce their credibility amongst their valued clients. Good architecture logos should also capture the modern and creative essence of this profession. Even though every architecture firm is different, lines, rulers and buildings are common themes that are often used in architecture logos. Architecture logos should be simple so that they will look good in many different sizes, in different colours and either printed or on screen.
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