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Choosing the Right Energy Logo for Your Company

If you work with an energy business or electrical contracting business you need to have a catchy energy logo for you company so that your customers will remember your brand. There are many different options available here at Pixellogo that can be used for an energy business or electrical contracting company, it’s just a matter of figuring out which of the electricity logos is the right fit for your company.

The first step is to consider what is the main theme and brand you want your electric logo or energy logos to portray? What does your company stand for? Do you specialize in green energy, such as solar panels, wind turbines and hydropower? If so, a energy logo such as the Logo - EX - 2204 - which shows a green energy bulb or Logo - EX - 1994 - which shows a wind turbine with a green blade might be a great choice for you. It shows immediately the core of what your company is, a clean energy, green company that specializes in that type of energy.

Your customers will know immediately once they see your logo that this is what your brand stands for. Your company be an electrical contracting business that specializes in working in residential homes and performing tasks such as running wire in new homes and installing fixtures and repairing problems for residential customers. For a business like this the Electrician logo 3D-912 might be a great choice. It catches your eye with the lightning bolt and gives the clear message that it is related to electricity. The gear symbol shows the viewer that you are a repair and created company. It’s one of nice powerful electricity logos that stands out and is easy to recognize. The yellow color of the lightning bolt also reinforces the idea of loyalty and honor, a good message to send to customers.

Once you figure out your actual logo you will need to consider your typography. There is a variety of styles of fonts you can choose from. The font you choose will help you communicate the personality of your business. The Serif Fonts are a classic style that gives a traditional and professional vibe to your type. Depending on the type of company you have and the image you want to portray this might be a good fit for your business. If you are looking to portray an image similar to that of traditional and loyal local business that has been around for a long time this type of typography could be a good choice for you.

Sans Serifs is another style that is a more modern look with clean lines. It is very easy to read. This type of font might be a good choice for a cutting edge energy company looking for a clean modern font to accompany their green energy logos. Finally, there are script fonts. These are very creative and can be either elegant or casual. You want to make sure it is readable, but if it is easy to read then a nice script font can add a little personality to your electricity logo.

Take a look around at our pages here at Pixellogo for your electricity logos, there are many options to choose from. You are sure to be inspired.