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Everybody loves Games even if they won’t admit it. Children, of course, love Games. Students oftenbring Games with them to exams to help bring them good vibes and good fortune.Many adults still have a Games or two and they will forever feel nostalgic abouttoys that invoke memories of their joyful and youthful past. When a Games company is designing and creating their new logo design, they have to think about two target markets: children and parents. Of course, their new logo design must bevibrant, playful and fun so that it appeals to children. Children are have alot of decision making power within a family and if they recognize a logodesign on a toy that they want, they will often be able to convince theirparents to buy that Games for them. However, a toy company’s logo design mustalso appeal to parents. Ultimately, parents are the ones with the wallet and ifa parent does not like a toy company’s logo design or what a toy company standsfor, that parent may choose not buy a Games made by them for their child. Game logo designs or Games logo templates often use illustrations or characters in their logo designs. These types of logo designs are easily recognizable by childrenof all ages, even if they cannot read the toy company’s name. Gaming  logo designsalso usually use bright and vibrant colours such as neon colours or primarycolours that are highly appealing to children. The fonts used in a toy logodesign are usually rounded, fun and light.