Real Estate Logos

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Real Estate logos

This is a great collection of real estate logos for all price ranges of housing or commercial market, we have designed this extensive collection to meet any broker logo needs. Real estate Logos have for a long time been stagnant in design because the real estate market was at a slow pace too. For many years most brokers worked for few major companies like Remax and Century 21, etc. and these big agencies had their logos for the longest time. With lower interest rates in the early 2000s, we saw a significant surge in home buyers, the rates were extremely attractive no to take advantage of, so the big real estate boom started, with it a huge demand for  agencies and naturally, real estate logos. This surge kept a lot of designers busy designing real estate logos. We had to adjust and change our way of thinking too. To help this surge, we set out to design a big collection of real estate logos, starting with the obvious icon of a house, we created house logos for all sorts of pricing, we designed expensive house logos, modern house logos, urban home logos, for the commercial real estate as well. It's not enough to have a house in a logo; it needs to represent the type of houses these brokers were selling as well. Luxury Homes need a luxury real estate logo; for example, modern homes seller needs a modern real estate logo, commercial reals estate broker needs commercial building showcased in the logo as well. So our collection real estate logo templates grew tremendously.
We have also started noticing a demand for exclusive luxury real estate logo. We set out to design a collection of exclusive logos as well, but the exclusive logos tend to sell quickly and its hard to keep up with demand. We started offering custom logo design for all types of business.
Real estate logos have to look clean and keep up with trends; real estate colors do not have to be in red and blue as we see all the time in dated logos. Today's clientele is more sophisticated, and they do need to work with brokers who understand their most intimate needs. As designers, we understood this demand and in turn, had created more sophisticated real estate logos.