3D Logo Maker samples - gaming logos | Pixellogo


Pixellogo have been 3D logo makers for over 20 years, even before starting the launch of the company, we have been logo design makers. Our first experience with 3d logo design making was when we worked with gaming companies designing 3D logos for them, thats where our 3D logo making roots took place. Here are few examples.

What are 3D logo makers?

3D logo makers are designers who have a good understanding of 3d environments 3d softwares and how to create 3 dimensionally. Normally 3D logo makers have a sculpting background which makes it easier for them to create 3 dimensional artwork. People mistake 3D logo makers thinking its a software, far from it, even with automation getting more and more mainstream, making a 3d logo is not in any way automated, simple or easy. Making or creating a 3D logo is 

These samples are fro our gaming 3D logo making days.