Abstract Logos


When you are walking down a busy street and you see a “swoosh” printed on the side of a truck, what does this make you think of? What about when you see two golden arches in the distance? For most people, these two logos are instantly recognized as the Nike and McDonald’s logos respectively. These two famous logos are perfect examples of Concept logos.


What are Abstract Logos?

Abstract logos are company logos that are instantly and easily recognizable by their customers. Abstract logos consist of a symbol or image chosen by a company that through the implementation of an effective marketing campaign, become forever associated with that company in the minds of their customers. Abstract logos provide customers with a visual cue that, over time, becomes imprinted and reinforced in their customers’ minds.
Abstract logos are difficult to design yet, when executed properly, they have been shown to be easier and quicker to identify than other logos.
It is important to remember that abstract logos should be simple in their design while complicated only in their underlying concept. If an abstract logo is too complicated or busy, it will be hard for a consumer to recognize it and for them to build the necessary connects between it and your company’s image. Abstract Concept logos should also be legible across all media, easily scalable and easily identifiable by your customers amongst a room full of other products. Conceptual logos should be unique, attractive and they should not be made up of too many colours. Abstract logos are a great choice for any business and they look great on business cards, stationery, websites and pamphlets alike.


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