Children logos

When choosing a logo design or logo template design for children logos, the same basic logo design principles apply. Like all logo designs, children logos should be simple, memorable and recognizable. However, there are a few subtle differences between children logos and other logo designs. One important difference to remember is that children are much more apt to recognize a logo design that uses a symbol or image versus a logo design that uses letters. Many of them struggle with reading at a young age therefore, if your target market is young children, it is obviously much more effective to have a logo design for your product that is a symbols or an image that is easier for a child to to retain and build associations with. Illustrative and artistic logo designs or logo design templates are most often used for children logos. If fonts are used in a children’s logo design, they are often playful, fun fonts that are children oriented.
When choosing children logos, it is also important to note that children are attracted to bright colours. In children’s logos, it is best to use bright colours such as red, orange, yellow and green so as to easily catch the attention of children.

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