Consulting Logos

Consulting companies can exist within a wide variety of industries. Even though they may work within very different sectors, their underlying operating principles and message are the same. A consulting company wants to portray an image of a professional, caring and experienced company. They want their customers to believe that they offer the best consulting advice possible to their clients. Consulting logos often convey this image to their customers by having an extremely corporate looking logo design or logo template design.
Consulting logo designs or consulting logo template designs tend to be green, blue, orange or red. Consulting logo design or a consulting logo template design usually consists of two to three colors maximum.
The symbols and images that most consulting companies choose to use in their logo designs are not as classic, obvious or consistent as in some other professional fields. This is because consulting company logos want to convey to their clients their sense of boldness while stressing their creative problem-solving skills.
Consulting company logos rarely use only a symbol to be their logo and represent their company. Instead, most consulting logos include an entire company name in their logo design. Clean Serif fonts are most often used in consulting logo design.
These more Conservative fonts help to reinforce the desired company image of being trustworthy and highly experienced companies with a long and prosperous history.