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Drones have become the latest craze for consumers and businesses alike. The sensation of having an easy to operate flying machine with a digital camera strapped to it is just hard to resist, it looks like too much fun, and unlike learning and flying helicopters or airplanes, drones are very easy to operate. This makes any aviation enthusiast get in the fun and start flying drones. Besides just a general flying as a hoppy, drones can do a lot of other great things, with a camera attached to it, it can be a great tool to investigate unreachable terrains or short a movie with great panoramic views. Drone enthusiasts have even pushed the fun to speed racing competition through the woods which we have not tried yet but think, that is as exciting as it sounds and more.

So we set out design Cool drone logos to help startup businesses with their logos needs. So far what we have seen on the web, Drone logos are pretty much all looking like the same. None of the drone logos standing out, most designers are designing very similar concepts, usually an eye or a camera in the middle and four blades to define the propellers. We think Drone logos deserve more and better options.

Once we start designing drone logos, we realized we wanted to stay away from four propellers as much as we can, unless we have an original or a good design idea that would work nicely. Wing Logos have always been a symbol for flights, so we thought that would be a good place to start, wings have always been associated with aviation, every pilot badge is adorned with wings with the airline logo in the middle, so why not try it. But we wanted to take it to another level by making it 3D. The results have turned out great, we have received great response from our customers and enthusiasts alike. By Making The 3D drone logo metallic chrome texture, it made the logo look like on the cutting age of technology, even though most drones are made out of plastic, the 3D metallic design worked out great since we doubt plastic would have worked any better. The lines of the wings also bring out the flight pattern of a drone, moving off the ground and sideways.

We also loved the idea of drawing the logo in few simple lines, almost like a brush, and we took that concept further by making the brush lines in metallic chrome. We loved the effect it created; the logo showed motion on a static logo which was very appropriate for a moving object logo. We will create more exciting drone logos as technology goes forward, we think this at the beginning of this technology, and we will in a few years see many more applications and purposes for drones.

Our drone logos collection is getting bigger every month, and we will be releasing some new exciting drone logo designs soon.

Drone Logo Collection

Here is a great collection of Drone logos we have designed to accommodate this flourishing exciting industry. These logos are designed for startup drone companies, enthusiasts, drone pilots, drone Racers, Retailers, parts manufacture and just about any general drone-related business. We have designed some of these drone logos in 3D; we thought this three dimensional with immense versatility flying machine deserves a 3D logo.

We think 3D drone is at its infancy, but the 3D logos do not need to look so unoriginal or so obvious, we believe drone logos can handle lots of abstraction and still showcase its core value and showcase what it's about. We wanted to differentiate our drone logos from the rest with newer lines and even newer coloring or texturing, we took full advantage of the 3D look and applied chrome texture on some of our drone logos, and the effect seems to have worked nicely. The logos look like high technology, and that's part of the message we wanted to make sure we imbed in the logo. We have also created Non-exclusive and exclusive drone logos for startup at different budgets.


Cool drone logos by Pixellogo