Free 3D logos

Free 3D logo Download | Pixellogo

Here is a collection of Free logos to download from our catalog, test out and see how our logos are designed. These free logos have the same characteristics as our main collection in our shop. We get asked about our logos all the time, are the layers are provided with the logos? Does the logo come in transparent format? What is the resolution of our 3D logos? Can I open the 3D logos with my photo editing software? How sharp are the 3D logos? Can I change the color myself? Are 3D logos provided in RGB or CMYK? Can I apply special effects to the 3D logos? Well, now you have a free 3D logo sample to test drive it before buying. Our free 3D logos are exactly like how are logos are in our store.

Do you provide Free Vector logos?

Just like 3D logos, we also provide vector logos to try out; these files are great to experiment with, see how its put together, analyze and use for personal projects. Young designers especially appreciate these logos. These free vector logos help out those who are not graphic designers, but enjoy dabbling with vector files and are just curious and like to have fun with graphics.

3D 4 logo | Pixellogo

How Does Free 3D Logo Work?

Free 3D logos are provided in Photoshop Layer format, as always when there is a separate color; we make sure to separate the color part from the rest of the layer, so it's much easier to change color.

Free Logo designs | Pixellogo

Can I re-sell these Free logos?

Nope, sorry but these logos are for personal use only.


How can I download the Free 3D logos?

To get access to all our Free 3D logos, vector logos, and our Free fonts, you just need to sign in, we have made it a snap to sign in to our website, you can sign up with one click with Facebook or Google plus. If you prefer not to get our newsletter to our free logo releases, simply check or uncheck the box not to receive updates.


3D Logo customization

We offer several different solutions for 3D logo customization. For $29 we offer our basic customization service which includes color and text change, this customization does not include 3D text change that's baked in the logo, 3D logo customization is much more advanced change and the time and cost are different. To customize 3D logo letter inside the model, to add additional letters, change angle of the logo or lighting needs to be done manually with our 3D Logo Maker. These changes are time-consuming and need special attention from the designer to solve all sorts of problems to get the best results. If you are interested in advance changes or customization, give us a call and explain your project needs and ideas. Once we fully understand the project, we provide you with a quote and give you our ideas and to what else is possible. Once you approve our concept, we send a payment link and once we receive the payment we proceed with the 3D logo design project.