Gif Logo Animation information and FAQ

 Gif Logo Animation 

Where Can I use Animated Gif logo?

Animated Gif logos can be used on your website as your logo, in your email signature, banners and anywhere on the web where animated Gifs are accepted. Social media sites do not accept Gif logos yet, but we predict they will soon.


What formats do you provide animated logo files?

We provide Photoshop layer file where you can change background color or remove background to save as transparent gif as shown in the above image.

Gif logo Layer format - photoshop | Pixellogo

Files Included:
300 x 300 pixels Photoshop layer source file
1000 x 300 Pixels wide Photoshop Layer with company name layout.
125 x 125 Pixels Transparent Gif
125 x 125 Pixels Black Background

Download the sample - pixellogo


Can I print a Gif logo?

No, Gif logo files are designed for web and/or email. If you need a printable version of a logo, you can buy it online from our catalog.


Can I add my company name next to the Animated gif logo?

Yes, we provide a basic horizontal layout for you to customize, If you know how to work with photoshop CS, you will be able to do it yourself. If you are not familiar with photoshop, we can customize it for you for an additional fee and provide you with black, white, transparent background or background a color of your choice. Chat or give us a call to discuss. Contact Us.

Logo with company name


What Can I change on a gif logo?

The logo is provided as you see it, you can't change the shape of animated logo,  you can play with animation speed, type your company name next to the logo and change background color. If you like us to customize is for you professionally and have extensive changes Contact Us. We listen to your needs and make necessary recommendation and give you a quote.


Can I add my gif logo to a youtube video?

Yes, but first you need to export the PSD source file to a movie format with a transparent background, and then upload the .Mov file and embed it to your web videos or use it as an intro logo animation.