Legal Logos

lawyer Logos

A logo design plays a significant role in the brand development of any legal office just in the same way that it does for any other business in the world today. Lawyers in particular use their law firms logo designs to help establish themselves as reputable lawyers and to gain the trust of their clients. Attorneys choosing familiar legal symbols on the firm's stationary identify themselves instantly.
 A legal logo design or a template needs to reflect that a lawyer is trustworthy and honest. A legal logo design must convey that a lawyer or legal office is responsible, professional and caring. A legal logo must convince clients that a particular lawyer or law firm is equipped to deal with their problems while also conveying to their client a sense of confidence and security.
 Legal logo designs or  templates are usually made up of a simple graphic. Most often, it includes an image associated with the idea of justice. For example, many legal logo designs have the famous Lady of Justice in them whereas other legal logo designs include an image of a court, pillars, a book, scales of justice or a judge’s mallet. Lawyers that choose to use recognizable legal symbols in their logo design and to have their designs printed on their business cards and on their stationery design, allow themselves to be instantly identified by their clients.
 Bold, classic and elegant fonts of a law firm’s name or their company’s slogan often sit below their company’s chosen image. This combination of text and images helps clients to feel more confident and secure with the services that a lawyer may offer. Finally, a legal logo design usually uses sober, serious and professional colours. Blacks, blues and browns relay a sense of authority, trust and conservatism to clients.