3D logo Animation, 3D logo design and Custom Logo Design Services by Pixellogo

Logo Animation, 3D logo design and Custom Logo Design Services by Pixellogo

3D Logo Makers: If you are looking for professional 3D logo Maker and you'd like having your company logo created in 3D, or have it animated? We have over 20 years of experience in 3D logo design and would love to help you with your project. Simple get in touch with us, by calling, or chatting with one of our designers, show us your logo and let us give you our thoughts on what possible. We'll evaluate your logo and see if it is a good contender for 3D, provide our feedback and share our ideas on how and what can be done.
Logo Cleanup and Modernise: Looking to have your logo cleanup and or redesigned, we are here to help, there is no job too small. Logo designs, just like everything else do tend to get old and look dated. Sometimes all you need is a little color change, or more modern type or a bit of redesign to look sharper or just general optimization of the design. Contact us and ask us what can be done. We will analyze and discuss some of our ideas and make suggestions. Once you are happy with our recommendations, we'll give you a quote and proceed.
Mix and Match logo design: if you'd like to combine 2 of our logo concepts to create your perfect logo, just let us know your ideas and let us help.
Custom Logo Design: If you can't find a perfect logo for your company, we can design one for you. Please click here for more details.
If you have any questions, call us directly at 866 907 1155, and discuss your project with one of our designers.